Best of 2021: On Social Justice

How To Avoid Another ‘Anti SJW’ Backlash

Let’s face it. The Anti-SJW movement was basically a backlash to the demands and tactics of the social justice activists at that time. Given that the backlash to certain social justice movements is still on the increase, there is real worry that there could be a much bigger backlash wave against all demands for progressive reform, in the not too distant future. Many people, including even moderate conservatives, are now truly worried that the pendulum would swing too hard the other way, leading to a period of severe reactionarism the likes we haven’t seen in the West for many decades. To prevent this outcome, I think we must study what has caused the backlash, and what needs to be done in order to calm it down.

How to End Racism Without Critical Race Theory

In conclusion, a cognitive based view of racism and discrimination in general demands an active approach towards ending racism, that requires equal commitment from everyone of us, regardless of race. It is much better than critical race theory, because it is evidence-based, it can improve things in a practical way without over-philosophizing the problem, and it can be practiced and applied regardless of anyone’s race, which makes it much less divisive, and hence more acceptable to many people.

Opposing Critical Race Theory Doesn’t Mean Ignoring Racism

Opposing critical race theory doesn’t mean ignoring racism. It doesn’t mean ignoring, or refusing to accurately teach, the role of racial oppression in the history of America, Canada, Australia, and other Western countries. It doesn’t mean ignoring the racial discrimination that still exists throughout the West today, or refusing to support the social change needed to end that discrimination. Opposing critical race theory (or other types of critical theory) merely means opposing a worldview that puts individuals into rigid ‘classes’ based on their immutable characteristics. And I believe that’s what’s actually needed to advance an anti-racist future.

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