Principles of TaraElla

My social and political commentary is all about engaging diverse and interesting ideas, and thinkers promoting such ideas, including academics, activists, commentators, politicians and others alike. However, it is often the case that interesting people often have controversial things to say, some of which could be quite offensive indeed.

While in my commentary I may state some level of support for certain figures and/or their ideas, this support does not necessarily extend to all their other ideas or stances. In this era of rampant misattribution and 'guilt by association', I feel like I must clarify what I support and don't support. In particular, I strongly stand by the following principles, and will NEVER support or condone ideas or actions that are in conflict with the following fundamental stances:

1) I oppose and condemn any statement or action that is racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic, or is otherwise bigoted or discriminatory in any way. While I respect the right to free speech of all parties, I also believe that bigotry must be condemned, using our own free speech, from our own conscience.

2) I oppose and condemn any statement or action that is discriminatory or derogatory towards others based on their religious beliefs or affiliation. I condemn equally any statements against any religion.

3) I oppose attempts to stifle free speech by using social justice as a wedge, including, but not limited to, the promotion of so-called 'safe speech', de-platforming of speakers, or 'progressive stack' speaking systems. Nothing in what I say should be ever construed to lend any credibility to these ideas.

4) I oppose unconditionally any policy stance or action that could be detrimental to world peace, including, but not limited to, inciting 'regime change' wars like the 2003 Iraq War; promoting trade or economic wars; state-level actors meddling in the internal affairs of other countries to promote disharmony and destabilisation; promoting separatist movements which may cause highly dangerous conflict and possible civil war in any country; and making uncalled for and inflammatory statements about other countries in general. I call on all who support any such policy stance to reconsider their stance, and think hard about the widespread detrimental effects they can bring. Many of us are sick of the endless international conflicts, and I believe each country must respect each others' sovereignty for peace to really happen.

5) I strongly support family values, and oppose any attempt to undermine them, including, but not limited to, critique of the nuclear family other than to support stronger extended family ties; harsh immigration policies that result in the permanent separation of families; and calls to 'abolish' marriage (other than marriage privatization that removes government involvement but still keeps marriage culturally intact) and/or the family.

6) I oppose taking my political commentary out of context. Unless otherwise specified, the context of all my commentary is the Western world (i.e. Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and NZ). Please do not quote me and extrapolate it to other cultures and contexts that I haven't commented on. I have no intention of meddling in ethnic, religious, political or other cultural conflicts that I am not sufficiently familiar with, and I really do not want to be accused of doing so. I understand that not everywhere is like the Western world, and frankly I am not familiar enough with most of the world to make fair comments about them.

7) Related to the aforementioned point, all my commentary is in English only, because I only intend to speak to a Western world audience. I have not authorized any translations, and if there are any translations out there, they are not authorized, and I am not responsible for their content.