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How to Move Away from the Culture Wars

We Need Free Speech, but we Also Need Good Speech Filling in the Void of the Free Speech Movement Introducing the RIDE Method We need to systematically analyze every issue without bias One Thing to Remember About the Trans Discourse A lot of it is fake, or at least in bad faith Rebuilding a Reformist Liberal Agenda Finding common ground in passion for justice, while rejecting critical anarchism The Neo Strategy: A Centrist Strategy for Libertarianism It really is the opposite of the paleo strategy        

The Compassionate Case Against the Culture Wars

  Who is Responsible for the Culture Wars? Both sides are guilty, and we need to push back equally How the Culture Wars are Poisoning the Trans Conversation They hamper free speech and productive discussion. And both sides are responsible. Is the Trans Backlash Really Inevitable? I don’t think so. And we can still fix it. Why the Right Wing Culture Warriors are Not Conservative Culture wars are for conformist zombies, not thinking people.