Friday, July 9, 2021

TaraElla Films: Make The West Liberal Again


In recent years, it has become unfashionable to identify as a liberal in many parts of the West, especially in intellectual circles. As I have previously said, the Right started this trend by making 'liberal' a dirty word in the 1980s, but in recent years, the Left appears to be outdoing them, attacking anyone who is disappointing to them as a 'lib'. In a sense, the Left and the Right have become allies on this issue, burying liberalism together, even as they can't agree on almost anything else. I believe the problem with this decline in liberalism is that, it will necessarily lead to a decline in morality, or even a total collapse in morality, in the Western world. This will likely be accompanied by an increasing dysfunction of our political systems, which I fear we are already beginning to see. Let me explain.

Full transcript here.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

TaraElla Computer System (TECS) Version 21

This version of TECS continues to feature a UI based on the idea of multiple spaces dedicated to specific types of activity. The spaces each have panels with information and/or links relevant to that type of activity, and they each have a unique wallpaper that is changeable. The spaces can be reached via buttons on the taskbar (color-coded and represented by letters in this version: H for Home, S for Studio, E for Entertainment, N for Newsroom, O for Office, T for Travel). Custom spaces can also be added (there is a taskbar button for that), or could be added during the installation of new apps (e.g. a cooking app could add a 'kitchen' space).