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On Liberalism & Conservatism

Why Conservatism and Liberalism are Actually Cousins The polarization is artificial, and we just have to see through it.   Two Perspectives: Moral Panics and Hysteria It’s a universal problem we need to talk about more   We’re all Conservatives, to Some Extent. And that’s a Good Thing. Why the c-word is unfairly maligned, and why this must change.   The Case Against Cafeteria Libertarianism Reactionary populism is not compatible with a sincere commitment to classical liberal values.   Building the Conservative Case for Trans Acceptance Like a British PM once said, ‘I support gay marriage because I’m a conservative’  

Building the Post-Woke Alternative

Why It’s Time We Moved to a Post-Woke Culture and Politics On the limitations of Woke vs Anti-Woke, and why we need to change course now.   The Real Problem With Wokeness How Wokeness Misdirected the Desire for Social Justice   How to Build the Post Woke Movement It won’t be easy, and we need a plan.   A Post Woke Approach to Trans Issues Let’s find a way to move beyond the current stalemate.   On Wokeness, Anti-Wokeness and Intellectualism Why we need to bring back sincere intellectuals

Introducing Trans Realist

  I know for a fact that many trans people are actually frustrated about where the loudest activist voices are taking our community and our priorities right now. At a time when many members of our community are still struggling with the basics of life, when many of us live in fear of the building resentment and backlash to current trans activism and what real life effects that is translating into, the activist establishment is basically refusing to even listen to our concerns with an open mind. Which leads me to the next question: is all visibility good? Drawing on experiences from gay rights movements, particularly marriage equality, it has been concluded that visibility is important for acceptance. However, the experience of trans visibility in the past decade has painted a very different picture. When I came out in 2006, we were at least left alone by most people, unfortunately I don't think we can say the same today. The fact is, all visibility is not equal. Some forms of visib

The Trans Case Against Queer Theory

The Trans Case Against Queer Theory (New Book) In recent years, the influence of queer theory and adjacent ideas rooted in postmodernism and critical theory has distorted the discussion around trans issues. This has led to confusion about why trans people transition, and the decentering of the actual experience of trans lives in the public trans discourse. In turn, these developments have likely contributed to a slow down in trans acceptance and even backlash in some segments of society.   Why Queer Theory is Bad For Trans People The fundamental reason why queer theory is bad for LGBT people is because it is ideological, i.e. it is rooted in certain philosophical commitments rather than empirical reality or the actual lived experience of LGBT people.   The Many Ways Queer Theory Hinders Trans Acceptance Queer theory’s refusal to accept at least some level of essential meaning for ‘male’ and ‘female’ hampers both trans people’s formation of a stable identity in themselves, as