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YouTube Politics and Free Speech

NOTE: While I did support certain candidates in the 2019–20 Democratic primaries because of their ideas (e.g. UBI, anti-war, broad tent approach), it doesn't mean I endorse their other positions. Welcome to Moral Libertarian View , a podcast style program where we discuss big ideas to see if they can contribute to more individual liberty and equal opportunity, values that are at the heart of the Moral Libertarian idea. Unlike many popular channels out there, this show is a dedicated non echo-chamber, where views from the left, right and center are all going to be considered without discrimination. I hope you subscribe if you are interested. Today, I need to vent. I'm sorry, but this is an important message that I think more people need to hear. Let's start here. Andrew Yang is my favorite 2020 Democratic candidate, and Dave Rubin is a talk show host I regularly follow. About two weeks ago, Dave Rubin interviewed Andrew Yang on the Rubin Report, and they discussed some