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Friday, June 21, 2013

TaraElla's Top 3 Taylor Swift Hits Ever

I'm going to start a series of mini entries about the top 3 songs I like from different artists.
Taylor Swift has had 19 #1s on the Jenienland Chart, and she has been one of my favourite artists. So let's start with her.

#1: The Best Day (Jenienland end of year chart #3, 2009)
Being a fan of her music generally, it might surprise you that this is the only Taylor song that I can personally identify with. It's a shame that it was never formally released as a single or was more popular.

I have even done a cover of this, dedicated to my own mother.

#2: Love Story (Jenienland end of year chart #9, 2008)
The first Taylor song I really loved. I mean, Teardrops on my Guitar was pretty good, but this was the one which made me really look out for Taylor's releases going forward. It was also her first #1 from me.

#3: Fifteen
A great song with a great message. Enough said.