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About My Life

Sometimes people have asked me why I don't talk about my own life more. I write about how I feel about various happenings around the world, I talk about music, culture, campaigns for equality and everything in between - just not my everyday life, it seems. There's one reason - my life is probably boring according to your standards. I don't go clubbing, I don't go partying, and I certainly don't do anything crazy. There are definitely things more interesting than my life. That's why I write and talk on those things.

Fanmail Answers December 2013

"Thanks for consistently standing up for decency in the media and entertainment industry. Decency has become rarer and rarer in the past decade, and voices calling for decency have also become fewer. Luckily we still have people like you." - Amanda R. Thank you for your appreciation. I have always had a vision where having fun doesn't mean resorting to indecent stunts. I am a strong believer in family friendly entertainment, and I will keep up the fight. "It's great to hear that you are a 90s person. I am a 90s person too! I just think the 90s were so much better - the music, the fashion, the culture. I HATE the decade we are in! I wish we could go back." - Ben of the 90s. I like 90s music too, as you know. There are plenty of us out there it seems, judging by my experiences bringing up this topic with others. As for the current decade, I don't think it's necessarily bad either. I do agree that great stuff is often more hidden and harder to find

Answering Fan Mail

I will be posting responses to fan mail in this blog soon, on a regular (maybe monthly) basis. Please send all fan mail to (it used to be shared between me and 'Kate', but it's my own now)

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Taking their Marriage Seriously

Recently married couple Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger appear to be taking their marriage quite seriously - more than what many couples would do anyway. "We don't drink when we're apart... We don't want to go anywhere that you're asking for trouble," Chad recently told the media. They reportedly have an alcohol and club ban when apart. "It sucks! But when you've got something special, you can't be careless with it," Avril said. A very good idea, I think. It has also been reported that they are not rushing to start a family yet - they are still finding time for it, it seems. They're both still young, and I don't think they need to rush either. Take your time! Crossposted from my Mag Column

The Old Taylor Swift vs the New One: They Are Both Good

It's certainly not the first time I have been talking about what I have been calling the 'old Taylor Swift' (before her album Red) and the 'new Taylor Swift'. I have also made no secret that musically I certainly prefer the old version. I do know of some friends who prefer to the new version though. The 'New Taylor Swift' also has an inconsistent and weird fashion sense, in my personal view. But I guess that should be irrelevant to how we view a person, isn't it? But actually, in many ways, the new Taylor Swift is just as good as the old one. In fact, that's because they are actually one and the same. Taylor may have changed her musical style and her fashion style, but she is clearly the same person. She is still herself, and not some other character. This is much more than can be said for many other people in the industry. And that's what's important. Crossposted from my Mag Column

Schwarzenegger for President? I Wouldn't Support Him, but Let Him Run!

With President Obama having to step down in 2017, there is again lots of talk about who should be the next US president. Hilary Clinton is an often mentioned name. There have also recently been reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger may run - but of course only if the constitution is changed to allow him to do so. You see, Schwarzenegger was not born in the US, and that currently disqualifies him. I personally wouldn't support Schwarzenegger, but I think he should have a right to run. Why shouldn't he? Crossposted from my Mag Column

Standing Up for the New Silent Majority

The silent majority once used to describe the conservative majority of people who did not like socially progressive politicians who changed things around too much. Not anymore. Nowadays, it is more common for politicians to be beholden to conservative elements to be ruling a populace more progressive than they are. It is not uncommon for these politicians to disregard public opinion altogether in their actions, making a mockery of democracy. For example, here in Australia some polls have shown that marriage equality and legal euthanasia are supported by more than 80% of the population, yet politicians, especially those with clear ties to the church, are not budging. The Australian electoral system means that there is no possibility of getting rid of the majority of them from parliament either. So much for democracy. This pattern is also common across the rest of the Western world nowadays. What we need to do is for the silent majority to stop being apolitical, and stand up against

Jennifer Lopez Gets Equality Awards. But for What?

Jennifer Lopez has received the 2013 Ally for Equality Award, in recognition for her support of causes including marriage equality, HIV/AIDS research, and anti-bullying. But why Jennifer Lopez? In Hollywood, I am pretty sure I can find plenty of people supporting those things. Even more importantly, these things are supported by the vast majority of young people under 35 out there. Jennifer Lopez may support these things, but it doesn't make her unique in any way, I think. So who should qualify for an Equality Award then? Somebody who is actually helping to change things in a major way. Simply 'supporting' causes is inadequate as it does not create change quickly enough. For example, in many Western nations more than 60% of the population support marriage equality but only 10% or so really care about it. That is sad. That is why politicians who oppose equality still routinely get elected - the latest examples being Angela Merkel in Germany and Tony Abbott in Australia (

TaraElla's Top 3 Taylor Swift Hits Ever

I'm going to start a series of mini entries about the top 3 songs I like from different artists. Taylor Swift has had 19 #1s on the Jenienland Chart, and she has been one of my favourite artists. So let's start with her. #1: The Best Day (Jenienland end of year chart #3, 2009) Being a fan of her music generally, it might surprise you that this is the only Taylor song that I can personally identify with. It's a shame that it was never formally released as a single or was more popular. I have even done a cover of this, dedicated to my own mother. #2: Love Story (Jenienland end of year chart #9, 2008) The first Taylor song I really loved. I mean, Teardrops on my Guitar was pretty good, but this was the one which made me really look out for Taylor's releases going forward. It was also her first #1 from me. #3: Fifteen A great song with a great message. Enough said.

Why do people 'hate' Taylor Swift? How about, Back Off Bullies!

Recently, I have seen many people writing about wondering why Taylor Swift has become hated by 'so many people' recently. They offer all kinds of explanation, but it really doesn't do the topic justice. In my opinion, it's a simple phenomenon that unfortunately frequently occurs in schools, although even more sadly some adults seem to never have grown out of it. It's called bullying. Let's address the accusations first. Is she fake? We don't really know, but we don't know that about anyone else either. Is she bad for feminism? I can't see it, unless feminism means the denial of human reality and the embracing of a 'fantasy' world where girls should never act like girls. It is these people with these weird fantasies of how the world should be that have destroyed the perfectly good aspiration of being housewife for many young women, it is these people who have given feminism a bad name in some circles. Who are they to say that Taylor is bad f

I was Tagged to do this, I may as well do it...

1. Do you have any pets? No, my mom doesn't like it. 2. Name three things that are physically close to you My computer, my desk, my bed. 3. What's the weather like right now? Quite warm actually. I have the air-con on though. 4. Do you drive, if so have you crashed? I don't drive. 5. What time did you wake up this morning? I forgot. Maybe 10am? Anyway, I broke my leg so I'm not going anywhere soon. 6. When's the last time you showered? Yesterday. 7. What's the last movie you saw? Les Miserables. It was great! 8. What does your last text say? Something about I won something in the lottery. I hate that crap. 9. What's your ringtone? Psy - Gangnam Style 10. Have you ever been to another country? Yes 11. Do you like sushi? Yes 12. Where do you buy your groceries? The supermarket in the next neighbourhood 13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster? No, why would I need that 14. How many siblings do you

Directioners vs Miranda Cosgrove - Enough is Enough

It's been over a year since the feud between some 'Directioners' (fans of One Direction) and some Miranda Cosgrove fans started. But the wounds still haven't healed for some involved, sadly. It all started with One Direction guest starring on an episode of iCarly, Miranda's show, titled 'iGot Jungle Worms'. Some Directioners thought that by introducing iCarly viewers, who they view as mostly immature and very young, to One Direction, their beloved band would be forced to change forever. One year later, One Direction is still One Direction - but the Miranda hate hasn't completely died down either. Maybe it's now just people who are jealous of Miranda herself. Anyway, Miranda is a nice girl who has done nothing bad to any of you out there, and this needs to stop. I like One Direction too but I can't stand to see this happen.