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Woke Skeptics, Let's be Truly Liberal, Not Reactionary

The Key to Liberalism is Diversity of Thought The marketplace of ideas is the key to a successful reformist politics   By Rejecting Wokeism, Let’s Be Clear About What We Actually Reject Putting the Classical Liberal vs Postmodern Conflict in a Historical Context   Taking a Stance Against Woke vs Anti-Woke Accelerationism The fundamentals of the Western Enlightenment is at stake here.   Betraying the 2010s Free Speech Movement We Really Need to Talk About the Culture War Right   We Need to Call Out the Biased Coverage of Trans Issues The credibility of free speech liberalism depends on it   Defending Liberalism from Misguided Criticism Why liberalism is not responsible for woke excesses in any way

Correcting Some Misunderstanding About Trans People

Why Trans People Aren’t Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes We need to dissect and debunk this myth, once and for all.   Trans People Need to Think of Ourselves as Normal Members of Society Fight against those who want to harm us, but don’t overreact all the time   How to Argue Against the New Anti-Trans Movement We Need to Identify the Source of the Problem and Respond Effectively   How to Make the Trans Community Respected Again We need to turn things around quickly.

On the Disappointment of Organized Conservative Politics

Tribalism has Destroyed the Movement for Big Ideas and Truth Being truly committed to free and independent thinking is difficult, but necessary   Why Trump vs. DeSantis is Not Really A Choice There needs to be a liberal choice for conservatives instead   The People Don’t Want Culture Wars This is the Real Lesson of the US Midterms   The Truth About the Conservative Drag Queen Panic It demonstrates why organized conservatism has a credibility problem