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A Princess With Spirit?

TaraElla is back with a brand new concept - 'The Princess's Spirit'.

TaraElla has always been about unique ideas. Like her vision for self-made stars a few years back. Or her vision for a culture of 'adaptive' family values. But this time, the concept sounds less specific and less, well, tangible. 'The Princess's Spirit' is TaraElla's latest 'thing', and we recently asked her what exactly it is.

So what exactly is the Princess's Spirit?
The Princess's Spirit actually defies precise definition. Read my books and you will get it. It's also something that has been immortalized in countless fairytales. But some of the main pillars include being proud of who you are, being brave in the face of the world saying 'no' to you, never giving up on your vision and values, and helping those less fortunate around you.

Let's be more concrete here. Out of the celebrities out there, who has the Princess's Spi…

Idina Menzel - Let It Go (cover/parody)


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