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A Princess With Spirit? TaraElla is back with a brand new concept - 'The Princess's Spirit'. TaraElla has always been about unique ideas. Like her vision for self-made stars a few years back. Or her vision for a culture of 'adaptive' family values. But this time, the concept sounds less specific and less, well, tangible. 'The Princess's Spirit' is TaraElla's latest 'thing', and we recently asked her what exactly it is. So what exactly is the Princess's Spirit? The Princess's Spirit actually defies precise definition. Read my books and you will get it. It's also something that has been immortalized in countless fairytales. But some of the main pillars include being proud of who you are, being brave in the face of the world saying 'no' to you, never giving up on your vision and values, and helping those less fortunate around you. Let's be more concrete here. Out of the celebrities out there, who has the Princess

Idina Menzel - Let It Go (cover/parody)


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Does Taylor Swift really have Racist Fans? (If so, she should put an end to it.) Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (cover/parody) Wholesome Music of the Month: Lauren Alaina - Like My Mother Does Adele - Hello (cover/parody) Meghan Trainor - No (cover/parody) Why I DON'T Want to be Meghan Trainor, thank you Lessons for Social Justice: Political Correctness and the Rise of Donald Trump  

Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor and TaraElla: We all like a bit of Reinvention

The TaraElla Show is back, a month earlier than expected! (And yes, I did complete that novel early. Go to the Books page to download your own copy, if you're interested in checking it out.) I would like to re-open with an idea: reinvention. It's what you do when you want to keep things fresh and sustainable for the long run. It's what you should do when life feels stale. Taylor Swift is arguably the queen of pop today. Yet I think she is also the queen of reinvention. I mean, if you've still got that Taylor album from 2009 (the name's Fearless, I think), take it out for a listen. You'll find that she sounds completely different nowadays. She also looks different too, by the way. And she's way more popular nowadays too. A reinvention success story. Rising star Meghan Trainor appears to have had some reinvention in 2016 too. She looks nothing like she did in All About That Base nowadays, in my opinion. No, she is definitely much cooler nowadays. You s

The Gift of Independent Cultural Creation

I am a proud independent cultural creator. What does this mean? It means that, my works of culture, including my books, music and opinion articles, are not subject to the influence of third parties. While I often describe the big business and mainstream media backed cultural creators as the 'elite', I only mean it on a financial sense, i.e. their careers have the backing of huge sums of money, which can often be useful. The flip side of that, however, is that their work is often not 'truly theirs' in a spiritual sense, i.e. it may not 100% represent the person they truly are, which, in my opinion, is a shame. Imagine this. Big business, the mainstream media included, are mainly there to make money, because they are businesses. Therefore, for such businesses to support any cultural creator, they need to be able to reap profits in the end that outweigh the investment they make. Therefore, whenever there is big business backing, cultural creators are subject to the n