Fanmail Answers December 2013

"Thanks for consistently standing up for decency in the media and entertainment industry. Decency has become rarer and rarer in the past decade, and voices calling for decency have also become fewer. Luckily we still have people like you." - Amanda R.
Thank you for your appreciation. I have always had a vision where having fun doesn't mean resorting to indecent stunts. I am a strong believer in family friendly entertainment, and I will keep up the fight.

"It's great to hear that you are a 90s person. I am a 90s person too! I just think the 90s were so much better - the music, the fashion, the culture. I HATE the decade we are in! I wish we could go back." - Ben of the 90s.
I like 90s music too, as you know. There are plenty of us out there it seems, judging by my experiences bringing up this topic with others. As for the current decade, I don't think it's necessarily bad either. I do agree that great stuff is often more hidden and harder to find nowadays, no matter in music, in culture or in innovation. But it is out there, and hope is still out there.

"I am a Swiftie, i.e. fan of Taylor Swift. Thank you for always having something good to say about her." - Swiftie 91.
Of the mainstream popular cultural icons out there, Taylor Swift would be one of my favourite, I have to say. I mean, she does not get involved in stupid stunts, scandals or public feuds, her music is great, what more can you ask for?

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