Jennifer Lopez Gets Equality Awards. But for What?

Jennifer Lopez has received the 2013 Ally for Equality Award, in recognition for her support of causes including marriage equality, HIV/AIDS research, and anti-bullying.

But why Jennifer Lopez? In Hollywood, I am pretty sure I can find plenty of people supporting those things. Even more importantly, these things are supported by the vast majority of young people under 35 out there. Jennifer Lopez may support these things, but it doesn't make her unique in any way, I think.

So who should qualify for an Equality Award then? Somebody who is actually helping to change things in a major way. Simply 'supporting' causes is inadequate as it does not create change quickly enough. For example, in many Western nations more than 60% of the population support marriage equality but only 10% or so really care about it. That is sad. That is why politicians who oppose equality still routinely get elected - the latest examples being Angela Merkel in Germany and Tony Abbott in Australia (these literally happened just a few weeks ago, right here in 2013).

Change requires care, and I care. But not enough people care - this needs to be changed. Somebody who changes things in this area would truly deserve an award, I believe.

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