Best of TaraElla, Feb-Apr 2019

From TaraElla Report:
Can Andrew Yang Save the World with Human Capitalism
Cult of ContraPoints vs Cult of Jordan Peterson
On Tulsi Gabbard & Pete Buttigieg vs Elitist Smear Campaigns

From Medium:
Why I’m a Bernie Sanders Curious Classical Liberal
Will Intellectual Dark Web and Centrism turn into Identity Politics?
Why Elizabeth Warren is Wrong, and Race Shouldn’t Matter!
Jordan Peterson vs Slavoj Zizek isn’t a Football Match

From Moral Libertarian View:
Tulsi Gabbard Fans vs Donald Trump Fans on what is 'Progressive'
Mayor Pete Buttigieg is Needed, because Real Millennials are Misunderstood

From WikiEqual 2.0:
WikiEqual 2.0: A Mainstream Media Critique
Why the Media Still Ignores Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang

From TaraElla Music Show:
This project was on hiatus for this period.

Single of the Month: Beauty
We all need some beauty, all of the time...

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