Best of TaraElla, March-April 2018

Moral Libertarian Themes of the Month:
The Moral Libertarian Way to Social Justice
Moral Libertarian Perspective: Power, Oppression and Liberation

From The TaraElla Show:
That 'Times Up' Tattoo, and Questioning the Feminism of Emma Watson again
Are Hillary Clinton, Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham White Feminists?

From Extra Newsfeed:
Just Because I’m Skeptical of Government Power, it Doesn’t Mean I Love Capitalism

From The Hit Job:
Amy Chua is right. Identity politics has taken an exclusionary turn.
Why I believe that we can still revive Liberalism
An open letter to liberal supporters of Jordan Peterson

From Student Voices:
Are Safe Speech and Progressive Stack Good for Social Justice?

Single of the Month: Beauty
We all need some beauty, all of the time...

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