The Best of TaraElla, March-April 2017

In The TaraElla Show:

Jessa Crispin, the Meaning of Feminism, and Why 'Choice Feminism' is the Only Real and Moral Feminism
Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast Controversy: Does It Make Her Less of a Feminist?

In the Ideas Lab:

It would be Very Dangerous to Trivialize Religious Freedom

In Thought Catalog:

Ivanka Trump Is A Feminist Because She Says So — Anything Else Is Just Dangerous

In Code Like A Girl:

Why I’m making it My Feminist Mission to End Wikipedia’s Notability Policy

In The New Suffragette:

Reflections on Anne Hathaway's Speech on Paid Parental Leave

In Medium:

Donald Trump’s Victory is a Failure of Liberalism. (I mean, as in what Liberalism originally meant.)

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