The Gift of Independent Cultural Creation

I am a proud independent cultural creator.

What does this mean? It means that, my works of culture, including my books, music and opinion articles, are not subject to the influence of third parties.

While I often describe the big business and mainstream media backed cultural creators as the 'elite', I only mean it on a financial sense, i.e. their careers have the backing of huge sums of money, which can often be useful. The flip side of that, however, is that their work is often not 'truly theirs' in a spiritual sense, i.e. it may not 100% represent the person they truly are, which, in my opinion, is a shame.

Imagine this. Big business, the mainstream media included, are mainly there to make money, because they are businesses. Therefore, for such businesses to support any cultural creator, they need to be able to reap profits in the end that outweigh the investment they make. Therefore, whenever there is big business backing, cultural creators are subject to the need to appeal to the largest possible amount of people. If they don't play the game, they wouldn't get the financial backing. This is why you rarely hear of mainstream media celebrities taking really controversial stances, for example. This is also why most major media celebrities tend to bow down to the 'fashion of the day' in everything, from their personality to their presentation to their cultural views.

I wouldn't be able to do this, personally. I am speaking from personal experience: I really don't appreciate having to have my cultural creation 'cut down to size' by people 'more powerful than myself'. I even wrote a whole short novel (Eastlands Dreaming) on how independent cultural creation is so much better than wokring for cultural overlords who want you to be 'fake'. I have learnt that, what I 'create', and how I portray myself to the world, has to be the real me. Luckily, nowadays you don't need big business backing to be part of the 'cultural scene'. People like me don't have to answer to cultural overlords. Hence, the world can 'connect' with the 'real me', unhindered by the opinions of a marketing department.

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