1. Moral Libertarian

Liberalism is the most moral ideology, in the context of the West. Liberalism will be left standing the victor, like in the post-war period, as long as it has not been completely killed by its authoritarian opponents. Therefore, our mission is to give liberal ideals as much life force as possible. Such life force can only come with idealism, moral conviction and clear principles. We believe that the one core liberal idea is the Equality of Moral Agency (EMA), i.e. each and every individual should have equal ability to live and act out their sincerely held vision of morality, and no outside force, no matter if it is an individual despotic ruler or the tyranny of collectivist pressure, should be able to diminish any part of this. This is in fact the only morally valid structure for Western society, because as inherently flawed human beings, none of us are morally correct all the time. Therefore, to be able to force another to abide by one’s moral values will inevitably mean forcing another to act in a way that is immoral at least some of the time.

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2. The Trans Case Against Queer Theory

In recent years, the influence of queer theory and adjacent ideas rooted in postmodernism and critical theory has distorted the discussion around trans issues. This has led to confusion about why trans people transition, and the decentering of the actual experience of trans lives in the public trans discourse. In turn, these developments have likely contributed to a slow down in trans acceptance and even backlash in some segments of society. Queer theory sees both gender and sexuality as entirely socially constructed, and to be deconstructed. As such, queer theory resists having stable definitions and identities for everything. The problem with this approach is that it practically denies the ability of people to have a stable identity with a stable meaning at all. Right now, what trans people need most is for the rest of the world to understand us better. An ideology that basically says trans people are not understandable is certainly not what we need right now. I believe that those of us who believe in using free speech to advance trans understanding and acceptance should instead work to encourage a trans discourse that is rooted in objectively observable facts. This book is written from a broadly liberal, and at times specifically Moral Libertarian point of view. As a Moral Libertarian, I value free speech, I believe in sharing a reality with other people rooted in the objective truth, and that judgement of right and wrong is possible by observing objective facts and outcomes. This worldview is at the root of my advocacy for a return to a fact-based trans discourse, and my opposition to postmodernism more generally. However, the argument made here is also about what is best for trans people, as well as what is good for society in general. Hence, one does not necessarily need to be a Moral Libertarian, or otherwise agree with my politics, to agree with the arguments presented here. 

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3. Autobiography etc.

The TaraElla Story

This is the story of my journey, as an LGBT author and singer-songwriter navigating the ever-changing media landscape, and constant cultural upheavals of the early 21st century. My journey towards embracing a positive attitude to life, to our differences, and to the world in general. I have chosen to tell my story in the hope that it will inspire others, and I hope that more people do this too. I am grateful to the stories of other people, and their life journeys, for inspiring me over the years, and getting me through hard times. Life is interesting, and what we learn from it can be unexpected. I wish to contribute to the vast pool of stories already out there, in the hope that one day, my story could be useful to another person out there, who needs a bit of inspiration.

This book combines content from my 2021 works 'A Trans Popstar's Story: Being Trans and Chasing Dreams During Quarterlife', 'Eight Lessons from my Quarter Life Period' and 'The Background and Context of Moral Libertarianism' to paint a complete picture of my journey so far. 

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The Story of a 21st Century 'Somebody': Independent Culture Creation in the 2000s & 2010s

A Trans Popstar's Story: Being Trans and Chasing Dreams During Quarterlife

4. Fiction

The Princess's Spirit Trilogy #1-3: An Early 21st Century Liberty Movement Story
The early 21st century is a time of unprecedented opportunity for those coming of age. It is a time when many young adults set out to achieve their dreams, be it starting their own business, starting a political movement, or propelling themselves to superstardom. Angelle's dream is to become Cultural Royalty of Pacificland, thus achieving what her mother couldn't. Her vision is based on freedom, dreams, love and fairness for all.
However, she soon finds that whilst change appears to be in the air, the resistance is often even greater. While the early 21st century is a time of opportunity for some, many people remain left behind, and tension and dissatisfaction is the order of the day in many areas of life. The increasing pitch of the culture wars, and the influence of global movements from the Tea Party to the Occupy Protests, also combine to make Pacificland a daily ideological warzone. Meanwhile, Pacificland gets caught up in a meaningless political stalemate, with reforms like marriage equality stalled seemingly forever.
With her own dreams on the line, will Angelle stay true to her values? And if she does, will it be enough to make a positive difference? Life isn't meant to be easy, but are there rewards for the brave at the end?

While Angelle's story is fictional, the perspective taken on the social and political movements of the 2000s and 2010s are inspired by real life accounts, and represent the very real perceptions of real people living today.

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3 Movements (Feminism, LGBT Rights, Marriage Equality)
I could have written a manifesto of inclusive feminism, but I know that some of you would still be unconvinced. So instead here is a story, inspired by real life stories I have known. I am sure many of you will be convinced of the need for a more inclusive feminism after reading this.

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Eastlands Dreaming
A book about a society with a different take on who creates the culture, and how it is created.

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5. Other Non-Fiction

Note: These books are listed for reference only. They reflect my views on the state of Western politics and society at the time, and what I believed was the best way to revive liberalism in the West. Things have changed, and my views might have changed too. More recent publications should reflect my current views more accurately.

Feminism Isn't A Political Party: My Case for a Real Liberal Feminism
Liberal Revival Now (original Feb 2017 edition & updated April 2022 edition)

Marriage Privatization: What, Why, and most importantly, How
Princess's Spirit Life Ideas #1: The Dreamers' Guide to Life
Princess's Spirit Life Ideas #2: You Can Change the World Too
Princess's Spirit Social Ideas #1: Building the Princess Spirit World
Princess's Spirit Social Ideas #2: An Adaptive Family Values
Be A Star in Life: A Collection of Life Empowerment Articles
Ideas for the World's Future: A Collection of Cultural, Social and Politically Themed Articles
The World Needs Marriage Equality Now 

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