1. Moral Libertarian

Liberalism is the most moral ideology. Liberalism will be left standing the victor, like in the post-war period, as long as it has not been completely killed by its authoritarian opponents. Therefore, our mission is to give liberal ideals as much life force as possible. Such life force can only come with idealism, moral conviction and clear principles. We believe that the one core liberal idea is the Equality of Moral Agency (EMA), i.e. each and every individual should have equal ability to live and act out their sincerely held vision of morality, and no outside force, no matter if it is an individual despotic ruler or the tyranny of collectivist pressure, should be able to diminish any part of this. This is in fact the only morally valid structure for society, because as inherently flawed human beings, none of us are morally correct all the time. Therefore, to be able to force another to abide by one’s moral values will inevitably mean forcing another to act in a way that is immoral at least some of the time.

2. Other Classical Liberal

Liberal Revival Now: A Moral and Practical Case for a 21st Century Back-to-Basics Liberalism
What does liberal mean? There can be no agreement, it seems. Still, if liberals, left-liberals and right-liberals alike, share something in common, it's the fundamental belief in liberty. Liberalism is unlike any other ideology, in that it does not seek to use government to social engineer a certain type of society. At the heart of liberalism, I believe, is the value that all people are morally equal, i.e. they have an equal right to be moral actors. And in the clear absence of a morally perfect person anywhere in the world, this is simply the only moral and logical position to take. Liberals can be personally conservative, progressive or radical, but they do not use the government to engineer a conservative, progressive or radical society.
With the great confusion surrounding what liberalism is nowadays, and the lack of a firm and clear meaning of what this ideology is among the general public, it is unsurprising that liberalism, even with its great cannon including many great statements and thinkers going all the way back to Mills and Locke, is not exactly the most appealing idea to today's young intellectuals. And yet, this is a sad situation, one that does not bode well for our future. Liberalism is the very embodiment of the enlightenment, and the great foundation on which society can achieve a state of peace and rational progress.
This book will demonstrate why liberalism remains the best political ideology, for both the culturally conservative and progressive alike. Moreover, liberalism is also a cultural attitude, one where freedom of speech, respect of each other’s moral consciences, and rational debate are encouraged. A revival of liberalism would also mean a revival of these values, all important attributes of an adaptive, healthy, forward-looking society. This book will discuss ways in which liberalism can be reinvigorated for modern and future society.

3. Autobiography etc.

The Story of a 21st Century 'Somebody': Independent Culture Creation in the 2000s & 2010s
For most of humanity, most people were destined to live and die anonymously. To be 'somebody' in this world, a somebody whose opinions would be heard in any way beyond close friends, was a privilege very few had enjoyed. In this environment, there would eventually be no point for most people to continue to think of themselves as a 'unique individual'. It surely looks amazing in hindsight, how far we have come in less than two decades.
This book is primarily about my journey to become a ‘somebody’ with something to say. Topics covered include how technology has enabled people like myself to have a voice, what it feels like to join the cultural conversation and take cultural stances, and participating in politics and the ‘culture wars’ through citizen journalism. I will also examine the bigger cultural impacts of this democratization of culture creation.
Throughout this book, I will be telling my own story so far, as a cultural voice in this rapidly changing world. But I will also be illustrating the wider story of how profoundly the world changed, in these first two decades of the 21st century. The technology changed first, and that was groundbreaking enough, but I think that the greatest change was in the culture.

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4. Fiction

The Princess's Spirit Trilogy #1-3: An Early 21st Century Liberty Movement Story
The early 21st century is a time of unprecedented opportunity for those coming of age. It is a time when many young adults set out to achieve their dreams, be it starting their own business, starting a political movement, or propelling themselves to superstardom. Angelle's dream is to become Cultural Royalty of Pacificland, thus achieving what her mother couldn't. Her vision is based on freedom, dreams, love and fairness for all.
However, she soon finds that whilst change appears to be in the air, the resistance is often even greater. While the early 21st century is a time of opportunity for some, many people remain left behind, and tension and dissatisfaction is the order of the day in many areas of life. The increasing pitch of the culture wars, and the influence of global movements from the Tea Party to the Occupy Protests, also combine to make Pacificland a daily ideological warzone. Meanwhile, Pacificland gets caught up in a meaningless political stalemate, with reforms like marriage equality stalled seemingly forever.
With her own dreams on the line, will Angelle stay true to her values? And if she does, will it be enough to make a positive difference? Life isn't meant to be easy, but are there rewards for the brave at the end?

While Angelle's story is fictional, the perspective taken on the social and political movements of the 2000s and 2010s are inspired by real life accounts, and represent the very real perceptions of real people living today.

3 Movements (Feminism, LGBT Rights, Marriage Equality)
I could have written a manifesto of inclusive feminism, but I know that some of you would still be unconvinced. So instead here is a story, inspired by real life stories I have known. I am sure many of you will be convinced of the need for a more inclusive feminism after reading this.

Eastlands Dreaming

A book about a society with a different take on who creates the culture, and how it is created.

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5. Other Non-Fiction

Feminism Isn't A Political Party: My Case for a Real Liberal Feminism
Marriage Privatization: What, Why, and most importantly, How
Princess's Spirit Life Ideas #1: The Dreamers' Guide to Life
Princess's Spirit Life Ideas #2: You Can Change the World Too
Princess's Spirit Social Ideas #1: Building the Princess Spirit World
Princess's Spirit Social Ideas #2: An Adaptive Family Values
Be A Star in Life: A Collection of Life Empowerment Articles
Ideas for the World's Future: A Collection of Cultural, Social and Politically Themed Articles
The World Needs Marriage Equality Now

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